Wednesday, August 23, 2006

{Random thoughts}

I'm in a scrapbooking slump right now, but I think it is mostly because I'm focused on doing house projects. Anytime I'm into one, the other falls to the back burner. We did a few home improvement things over the weekend (see my last entry) that I'm really excited about. The next big task will be painting our new porch railing which will be tedious but very worth it.

I'm waiting to hear if I will be chosen for the Scrap Hype DT....I would really love to be a part of that is a really fun site!

Took a few hours off of work today to meet up with my Mom. We had coffee, did a little shopping and had was nice to have a mid-day break from the hectic work day.

I've been trying to exercise more...seeing the effects of the late 20's on my body is freaking me out a little. I'm still in good shape by most standards, but not where I would like to be. I'm going walking again tonight...hopefully I can keep up this motivation!


Valerie said...

I've been feeling a little bit of a scrapbook slump too..hopefully the mojo will come back!! Need to organize my house!! I totally need to start walking too, exercise so hard to get motivated!! Goodluck on the DT!!

Tessa Ann Watte` said...

Sending some creative vibes your way!! :) I hope you are able to feel in the mood to scrap again--- i love your work! Good for you with exercising---I sooo need to get on a routine, it is just soo!! Best of luck with you, though!


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