Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Some fun random pictures of things I love in our house. The shadow our chandelier makes on teh ceilng at night is so whimsical...I love to sit and look at it. A few pictures of my favorite things in our kitchen...the colorful measuring cups are from Anthropologie. Two of my beloved magazines...Domino and Home Companion. Finally, an update on my stair renovation project...the railing is painted! What a tedious project! Next step is to sand all of those stairs...wish me luck!!



scrapperjen said...

Amazing photos - I love your house!

lovetoscrap said...

i totally love what you found the other day on fickr. How cool is that red and lime green together. That house has so much character! Your house looks like it is really cute also. I like really bold colors. How did you find those pictures on flickr, do you do a search? What words do you search? We are about to buy a house and I am looking for some inspiration. Do you have any advice on good web sites? My e-mail is:
I would so appreiciate it if you could answer these few questions, if you get a minute. Thanks. I really enjoy reading your blog!


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