Sunday, March 18, 2007


So today I got some fun things done. I organized my buttons by color....kind of OCD I know. :) But, it looks pretty and makes it much easier when I want to use a certain color.

I made this fun button covered "M" too...I've had it for a long time now and finally decided it would look pretty covered in white buttons. Now I have to decide where it will look best!

My Grandmother recently moved to a nursing home and my parents have been cleaning out her house before it is sold. I'm so lucky and blessed to have these hankerchiefs that are hers, and these milk glass pieces also. I love the big bowl and the little fluted dish below.

This photo is of my Great Grandmother Mattie...she was so pretty! I made this frame using scrapbook paper and a metal clip. I thought it would be fun to be able to change out the photo easily with the clip.

I have beef stew in the crock pot right now and the house smells sooo good. It will be ready in less than an hour...can't wait! Hope everyone is having a relaxing Sunday!


Robyn said...

Mandy your buttons look lovely! I also have some treasured milk glass pieces, yours are great!

scrapperjen said...

I have my ribbons by color! What wonderful treasures for you. Enjoy and treasure them.

jennihaywood said...

Mandy- thanksfor taking the time to e-mail me about the pictures on your blog. That was way cool of you, and so helpful. Love you White letter!! So fun to see something in all white for a change. I have never seen that. It can go anywhere now. You never have to worry about matching it to a color of room! I emptied out my spice rack not too long ago and I did the same thig with my buttons in my spice bottles. Too fun. Thanks for sharing!


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