Monday, August 06, 2007

{another year wiser?}

So today was the big 2-9 for me. I have a hard time believing that I'm 29 years old...I really still feel like I'm 24 or 25 at the most. I wouldn't go back to those years though...those were some tough ones. Dan and I trying to find our way as a couple, figuring out my career path and going through so many interviews and rejections. 29 has found me in a very good place. I'm in a job that I am really enjoying and that makes me feel fulfilled. I have the most wonderful marriage that I could have ever imagined, and hopefully in the next year or so we will add to our family. ;) I've been exploring my creativity and finding new ways to express myself. I feel very comfortable in my own skin and able to be myself more than ever.
Dan and I had a fun day today to celebrate. We drove to Indianapolis and did some shopping. Despite the super hot and humid weather we had a lot of fun. We had dinner at On the of our favorites. I found a couple cute things at TJ Maxx...a brown dress for work that I can't wait to wear. Here's a pic of us in the and exhausted...

And here's another one I took just for fun --->

I'm a big fan of hand holding :)
Hope everyone has had a great Monday!


melissa said...

hapy happy birthday!!
the hand holding picture is too sweet-definite layout worthy ;)

Valerie said...

happy birthday!! So glad you had a good birthday!! Looks like you did get spoiled!!

Milk Can Momma said...

Happy Birthday!! Yay! Just wait until you turn...30! I still feel like I'm twelve!


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