Saturday, August 18, 2007


The weekend has been nice so far. Last night we had dinner with a bunch of Dan's family. His aunt and uncle were in town from Chicago, as well as his cousin and her daughter from Oklahoma. Megan's daughter Montana is the cutest thing and it was so fun to see Dan playing with her. He will be such a cute dad. :)
I got a wonderful gift today...the ring my parents bought for me that has two diamonds from my Grandma Orr's wedding ring. I absolutely love it! I cried when I put it on...makes me feel so close to her. Here's a pic (sorry its blurry)--->
Its a round peridot on a white gold band with a diamond on either side. I'm in love! :)

Here's a layout I did of my 29th b-day...had a lot of fun with this one...

Not much planned for tomorrow. I really need to do some yardwork and put out the new birdbath that Dan got me for my birthday. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!


fioretta said...

What a lovely and meaningful gift - I would have cried too!

Valerie said...

What a gorgeous ring!! And so special!! Lots of yard work planned around my house too!!

scrapperjen said...

What a beautiful ring!
Hope you had a wonderful b-day.

melissa said...

wow what a stunning ring!-love that it has such a sentimental value to you as well

yuck to yard work-one of my least favorite choirs ;)hope you have a great weekend other wise

Anonymous said...

It's SO beautiful!!

I'm getting worried, no entries in a while. Hope you're doing okay!


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