Wednesday, December 12, 2007

{more progress}

The kitchen is slowly starting to take shape, and I'm so excited to see it come together over the next week. Thanks to some mistakes by Lowe's, things have been slowed down...a couple cabinets were wrong and our counter was made too long. Thankfully our contractor has handled everything which has been a Godsend. We also had to have the sink plumbing and electrical wiring to the dishwasher and disposal redone yesterday...can't wait to see that bill! The previous owner was the king of poor DIY jobs, and obviously worked his "magic" on every surface of that kitchen. Here are a few more progress pictures...the windows have been finished with new trim and the cabinets are out of their boxes! Our contractor is starting to put them in place today.

What do you think of these cute bin pulls for our drawers?? Not sure what I would label them words. I know I've seen them in a magazine article on kitchen drawers...wish I could remember where!

Onto baby news...I'm 14 weeks along now. Hard to believe. With all of the kitchen mess we haven't been putting too much time into baby stuff right now, but once that is all over we'll have more time to think about furniture and all of the other things we're going to have to purchase over the next few months. It still seems very surreal that I will have two children in a matter of months. Ready or not! :)


melanie said...

love the drawer pulls - can you change out the labels? it would be fun to put different food quotes, or holiday quotes. hope your kitchen progresses without incident and dare i say, on time?

melissa said...

yay for progress! lovin the drawer pulls


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