Tuesday, December 18, 2007


This week has been frustrating so far, as the kitchen is at a standstill. Found out today that it could be as late as January 7th before we get the reordered cabinets...quite a different story from the "few days" they told us last week. That definitely didn't make me happy. I'm really just sad because we are having my family over on Christmas Eve for appetizers and gifts and now I probably won't even have a sink to use. I'm trying to focus on how great it will be when it is done, but my pregnancy hormones are definitely trying to have their way. Patience, Mandy, patience.

I am really looking forward to a long holiday weekend though...five days off is sounding really good right now. Still have a few Christmas gifts to buy, but I think I know what to get as long as I can find it. Even with starting early, there are always those last few minute purchases.

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Anonymous said...

Ah bummer. The host in me would be so frustrated too. Mix that with mega pregnancy hormones, and I'd say you sound quite calm! =) The ultra sound picture with the santa hats is SOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!


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