Friday, June 06, 2008


We've made it through the first few days and although it has been rough it has been amazing and wonderful, and like every other parent says, totally worth it. We've been so blessed with family helping us...both of our moms and Dan's sister have stayed over and Dan's Grandma brought us a yummy dinner tonight with an extra casserole to put in the freezer. The boys are so perfect and I'm in awe of how God creates these little miracles.

We had a fun first last night...gave them their first baths. Dan's sister was photographer while we did the dirty work. Landon had to christen the bathtub (and the kitchen wall) with a nice stream of pee near the end, which was hilarious. Dan made it fun by sporting one of their bath towels...I can always count on him to keep us laughing. The boys didn't really enjoy the experience but it was really fun for us. LOL :)
They will be a week old tomorrow and I can't believe it. I can already tell that they are going to grow up way too fast.

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TheRightWife said...

They are amazing! Enjoy these moments :)


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