Sunday, June 29, 2008

{me time}

Look at my new mommy hairdo! :) I love it...and it was sooo needed. Nothing like a fresh haircut to make a girl feel like a new person!

Dan and I got out of town yesterday and had a great time. His mom watched the boys and we went to West Chester to go to IKEA. We got a chair for upstairs so we can feed the boys at night...much needed. It was only $50 and sooo comfortable.

We also went to a huge grocery store called Jungle Jim's nearby so Dan could stock up on new beers to try...they have a HUGE selection. Finally we went to Target...oh, and we had lunch at Sonic. Mmmmmm :) It was great to get away, but so strange to be without the boys for that long. Parenthood definitely changes your perspective on everything.

The boys will be one month old tomorrow! It is amazing how much they are changing every day. They are a lot more alert and we are trying out new things like their activity mat and the bouncer. They still don't enjoy the bouncer a whole lot, but I'm sure soon they will get into it (hopefully). :)


G&D said...

Oh wow MB--LOVE the new haircut!! You're one smokin' hot mama!! Looks so beautiful!

And I can't believe the boys will be 1 month old tomorrow! Time really flies!

Katie said...

Love the haircut MG!!! I'm so in need of one myself!!! Sounds like you guys are getting settled!!

TileGirl said...

Awesome haircut. Looking good as a new mom.

It's great that you and your hubby are already going out w/out your babies. We started leaving our son for outings together when he was around a month old, too. And we kept doing it often and started sleep-overs at grandparents houses at about 3 months.(although sleep-overs were a little more difficult since I was breast-feeding) Our now 4 year old is so happy to go spend time w/ others away from us and is so easy going about it. Sure there's been times when he doesn't want to leave us but for the most part he's fine and is so used to being left that it's not a big deal. I guess I'm telling you this unsolicited advice so that maybe you'll embrace leaving your kids frequently and they'll learn that mom and dad always come back. I just feel so bad for all the moms (a lot of my friends included) that only leave their 2-8 year olds if it's an emergency because their kids just melt down and are so traumatized by being left because they're just not used to it.

Ok, sorry for the speech.

I love looking at all your photos. Your boys are beautiful and are so blessed to have a creative and caring mom.


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