Tuesday, December 09, 2008


I'm so excited to share some of my Christmas decorations with everyone. They've been up for a week or so and I finally had time last night after the boys went to bed to take some photos. I've done quite a few things differently this year. It is so fun to pull everything out and find new holiday homes for them. Of course one of the biggest additions this year is two new stocking on the mantle. The boys' grandma crocheted these for them and I couldn't love them more. I attached painted chipboard letters to them so Landon and Ben will know which stocking is theirs. Of course that is more for my enjoyment than theirs at this point.

I really love how the mantle looks this year too. Just a small mix of milkglass, trees and a couple glittery houses.

I also finished their hand print ornaments. I was pretty disappointed in the clay that I used because it cracked quite a bit. But I decided that the cracks were just a part of their charm and went ahead and painted them. I already had some metallic green paint, and also added some snowy glitter and painted detail. A pretty ribbon to hang them finished them off. It is so fun to have them hanging on the tree.

It is also fun to have some of my handmade treasures scattered around the house. I made these tinsel trees a few years back and still love them. The button house was another creation..just painted the paper mache house white and added the buttons. I love mixing in my milk glass collection with the decorations.

I needed a little extra something on the dining room buffet, so I put together a mix of Christmasy buttons. I love it!

This is the first year that I've put a tree in the kitchen. I used the white tree for Easter also, but love it on top of the fridge.

A new addition to my collection is this beautiful, glittery Eiffel Tower, thanks to my mom. It is hanging on the dining room built-in latch.

Oh, and BIG baby news!!! Landon is getting his first teeth!!!! Poor baby is pretty cranky about it, but I am more than excited to see that little white thing popping through. He is getting the lower front two teeth, but one of them is a little ahead of the other to come in. I can't wait to see his little toothy grin!


Angela said...

love it all MB!

Dawn said...

Live it all, especially the handprint ornaments!

DianeTaylor said...

Everythings looks amazing as always Mandy - those hand prints are priceless, you will love having them for years to come ! All my best to you and your family this holiday season.


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