Tuesday, December 02, 2008


We've had a very full past few days, starting with Thanksgiving with our families. We had a wonderful day and enjoyed sharing it with the boys. Holidays aren't quite as relaxing as they used to be, but fun in a much different way. We are definitely blessed to have family close by to spend these special times with.

The boys turned 6 months old on Sunday...half a year on this earth already! Landon is very excited about getting older. :)

Look how much they've changed since they were 1 month! It is amazing how God creates our bodies to grow and adjust to the world.

The hubs and I have this week off of work, so we're enjoying having lots of time with them. We put up the Christmas tree today which was a lot of fun. See the reflection of the Christmas lights in their eyes, seeing them reaching for the glittery balls...all of it is so magical through the eyes of a child.

Hope everyone had a great holiday! And the countdown to Christmas begins!

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