Monday, December 29, 2008


I finally have time for a Christmas recap!

We had a great day with the boys and our families. Dan and I decided to open our gifts to each other on Christmas Eve once the boys were in bed so we wouldn't have to rush on Christmas morning. He really spoiled me this year...he got me a really cozy sweatshirt from Original Penguin...

a cute bird print from Urban Outfitters (that is now hanging in the boys' room)...

and an mp3 player from Dell (total surprise!)

Now I can't wait to buy a cute case for it...I've already been searching Etsy.

I got him a couple pair of Ben Sherman shoes, an Original Penquin shirt and a book he had been wanting. It was great to be able to open our gifts just the two of us...parents need that time together! I actually didn't take pictures of us with our gifts this year...with Dan was pretty happy about since he's a typical guy and hates to have his picture taken.

On Christmas morning we headed to my parents house which is a 30 minute drive (just long enough for the boys to take a little nap. :) We had a great meal thanks to my mom the chef and opened all sorts of fun gifts. The boys got some adorable clothes and books, and Dan and I got some great things too.

My favorite gift for the boys is a pair of shoes my sister got them with peace signs on them...awesome.

It was so fun to see my parents and sister get to share in the boys' 1st Christmas.

I think the best gift that day was our gift to my Mom. I got her two silver charms with baby feet and hand prints on them for her charm bracelet. She cried when she saw them...that's the best gift reaction, isn't it?!

We left Mom and Dad's around 5 and headed home to spend the evening with Dan's mom and sister. Of course our camera batteries died when we got there so I don't have any photos from that part of the day. :(

The boys continued to be spoiled with more adorable clothes and Dan's mom went overboard on us and got us a shark steam mop...I'm so excited to try it out!

She knew I have been wanting to try out knitting and crocheting so she got me a knitting loom kit to get me started. I tried the long loom out last night and look what I have done so far! Not bad for my first try, huh?

Saturday was a bizarre weather day. It was in the 70's here and for Indiana that is unheard of in December! Dan's mom and I went out for a girl's day and had so much fun. We went to a local french bistro, Ghyslain, which has the most amazing pastries and chocolates.

We each had a dessert (I had a lemon tart and she had a chocolate caramel cup) and coffee, which came in our own individual french press. So fancy! There are a few shops attached to the bistro with great home goods and handmade items. It was so fun to get out with her and have some girl time (even though the boys tagged along :).

Whew! that was quite an update. Hope you were able to make it to the end! Happy Monday friends!

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