Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I have a pretty good idea in mind for our entryway. First of all I'm thrilled to have an actual entryway, as our bungalow had nothing of the sort. You walked in, and boom, you were in the living room.

have a few pieces from the last house that I'm going to re-purpose for this area. The piece I'm most excited about, though, is the coat rack made out of vintage trim that I scored for $20 at a local antique fair.

Underneath the coat rack, I'm going to place a piano bench that I've had for probably close to 7 years or so. At the old house, it was used on our front porch and for extra seating in the dining room at times. The cats also loved to sit on it and look out the window. I'm going to give it a fresh coat of paint, and upholster the top with some foam. The fabric in the running right now is this lovely woodgrain print. Fitting for our new "woodland" home.

Between the bench and the coat rack, I'm thinking about purchasing this fun chalkboard fro Paper-Source. It is a generous size (23 x 28 inches) and would be a fun place to keep reminders and leave love notes for my boys.

I have a sweet wire basket that I'll hang next to the chalkboard to hold mail and chalk, of course. It used to hang in our dining room and hold a variety of pretties...

And to round out the arrangement, I'll find a fun print to hang. Maybe on a vintage wooden pants hanger like this...

I have a whole bag full of these lovelies that I saved from my grandparents' house. Love them.

Not sure about the wall color. The whole lower level is painted in various shades of yellow, which just isn't my favorite color, so that will need to change. Right now I'm thinking of a pale gray to go with the dining room, which I've already bought the paint for, but haven't had time to dig into.

I can't wait to put the space together!


Angela said...

You are so creative MB! I love your ideas, especially the woodgrain fabric and hanging the picture from the old hangers.

TheRightWife said...

I wish I had 1/10 of your creative decorating ability! I would love to send you pictures of my completely blank slate for some ideas!

Mandy said...

Oh, you are too sweet...I think having so little time to actually decorate has really spurred my creativity! LOL :)


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