Thursday, March 11, 2010

{welcome back}

First walk of the year! by you.

The weather has been gorgeous here the past few days, and last night was perfect for our first walk around the neighborhood of 2010. Boy did I miss this time with the boys. They love looking at everything, pointing at the trees, cars, houses, birds.

Our neighborhood is rather hilly, so it was a good workout for me. I figure with the weight of the stroller and the boys, I'm pushing around 70 pounds!

Pinecones to hold by you.

They each got a pinecone to inspect while we made our way around.

Look Mom! by you.

Ben was perplexed by the sticky residue it left on his hands.

its sticky! by you.

Looking forward to many more of these in the coming months!


Anonymous said...

Um, do I spy an OU jacket on one of your boys? Well well well... Do we have a Sooner in the making? :)

Mandy said...

Yes! Dan's Dad lives in Oklahoma (OKC actually!) and Dan grew up there. :)


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