Thursday, May 27, 2010

{wonderful craziness}

What we've been up to the past few days...

1. Cabinet painting

Kitchen progress by you.

2. 3 musketeers eating

want some mom? by you.

3. splashing

IMG_0208 by you.

4. learning our alphabet

IMG_0218 by you.

5. being cute (this comes naturally to the boys)

IMG_0134 by you.

6. living room / kitchen races (Ben usually wins)

Look at me run! by you.

7. Getting ready for two boys to turn two! (pics of that wonderful craziness coming soon!)

Today is my Friday since I took tomorrow off to get everything ready for the boys' party, and spend some time with my Grandmother who is visiting from Kentucky! Hope everyone's weekend is as fun and full of family as ours is going to be!

1 comment:

CZ said...

The cabinets look fabulous! And the pics of the boys are just the joy in their faces


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