Tuesday, May 11, 2010


The great thing about having two moms that live close by is that celebrations like Mother's Day get to be had twice, and now that I'm a mom it is like three holidays in one! It was a great weekend full of "mom" time (and a few meltdowns from the boys, but hey who's counting).

On Saturday my Mom and I went out for a nice lunch and enjoyed some much needed girl time.

Love you Mom! by you.

We had some yummy shrimp at Red Lobster - that is our usual date place, did some shopping, and finished up with a latte at Starbucks. It was a great way to celebrate each other.

On Sunday, I woke up (at 10am! Thanks honey!) to a really sweet card from Dan, hugs from the boys, and a homemade latte. About an hour after I got up, another sweet surprise - my Mom #2 left doughnuts for me on our front step. Nothing makes me happy like a sugar overload first thing in the morning!

After getting ready, we headed over to Mom #2's house for time with her, my sister-in-law (it was her first Mother's Day!) and Dan's aunt. It was really nice to be able to spend part of the day with so many great moms in my life.

With Dan's Mom...

Mom #2 by you.

GG with two of her boys...

GG with two of her boys by you.

Beth and Noah on her 1st Mother's Day...

Momma and Noah on her 1st Mother's Day by you.

I just want to eat those cheeks!

Noah James - 5 months by you.

Later in the day, the boys were SUPER cranky after not napping like they usually do, so we headed home and they were all smiles once we let them loose in the yard. I wasn't able to get a photo with both of them together like last year... (look how much they have changed!)

I'm a very lucky momma! by you.

but I managed to wrangle them both separately (please excuse my overly excited expressions and the fact that I look like I'm torturing Landon)

Forced picture taking #1 by you.

Forced picture taking #2 by you.

This one is much better...

Nothing like a Mother's Day kiss by you.

And for an extra dose of cheesy...

Love you Benny  by you.

Love you Landon by you.

It was quite a weekend. Lots of celebrating and thanking God for the blessing of being a mom, and having two wonderfully supportive women I can call mom. Hope it was equally as full for all of you!


Tamara said...

Happy Mother's Day, Mandy! I'm glad you had a nice weekend. I'm also very thankful our parents live so close to one another (5 miles apart) - it's especially nice now because we do most of the holidays together as one big family and I *LOVE* that!

BTW, you look just like your mom, beautiful women for sure!

Mandy said...

Thanks Tamara! It sounds like you are blessed with a great family too! :)


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