Monday, November 15, 2010

{decked out}

We are finally getting the house back in order after having the floors refinished. Unfortunately, our room switch-a-roo didn't happen because of unforeseen issues with moving our TV cable. {boo}

So for now, our dining room and family room spaces remain the same.

Over the weekend we moved the dining room furniture back into the shiny new floored room, and I was able to get our china hutch all decked out for fall.

{a little late considering I'm ready to decorate for Christmas in like...2 seconds}

I really love how the shades of aqua and orange make it pop...


Hellooo reflection!

I love my knitted garland - it will be perfect for Christmas as well! { can get your own here!}


And just because he is too cute, even if the photo is out of Benny sporting the boys' new moose sweater...


I've never wanted to put the boys in matching outfits but I might have to make an exception with this one.

Happy Monday friends!

1 comment:

Watkins35 said...

LOVE your 'autumn' dresser display - gorgeous (as is the cute sweater!) x


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