Thursday, November 04, 2010

{a smartie a day...}


I feel puny today.

The boys have both had colds over the past week so it was inevitable.

And when Ben gave me an opened mouth kiss a few days ago, and proceeded to cough directly into my mouth...well...that kind of sealed the deal.

Last night all of a sudden my throat started to tighten, sinuses began to fill, and head began a dull aching pulse behind my eyeballs.

Yep....its here.

So I'm sitting here at my desk eating leftover Halloween smarties, and thought surely these will make me feel better.

Which took me back to a funny childhood memory.

Every year we would visit my grandparents in Akron, Ohio. My sister and I would sleep in their very 60's inspired basement, which for a 7 year old is a pretty cool place to sleep. {Aside from the bucket our grandma made us use in place of the proper facilities...but I won't go into detail on that one.}

I remember one day when we were visiting, I was in their basement, hanging out on my super cool cot, with a TV tray beside me. I had a package of smarties, and I arranged them in a row on the painted metal tray. For some reason I pretended like they were medicine, and I dutifully ate each one as the doctor prescribed.

So in honor of my 7 year old self, here's to hoping they still have the same magical medicinal quality.

I think I'll have another just to be safe.

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adriennefriend said...

I did medicine smarties, too! I asked my friend at work whether he ever pretended, too, and he looked at me like I was crazy!! Glad to know I'm not... or if I am, I have a partner in crime :)


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