Tuesday, February 01, 2011

{ice, ice, baby}

I couldn't resist that title.

Seriously - we had an ice storm last night and everything is covered in the stuff. I had to come into work today and this was what greeted me when I opened our garage door.

Yep friends, that is a solid sheet of ice on the driveway. Fun times.

But I got here in one piece and the word is that we will probably go home early so thank goodness for that. This storm is no joke! We are supposed to get a lot of snow in the next few days as well.

So do you want a recap of my experience on Saturday having a table at our winter farmer's market?

In one word. Awesome.

Here are a few pics of my little set-up. It was a small table but perfect for what I brought to fancy it up...

I used my Dad's childhood chenille bedspread as my tablecloth, milkglass vases for hat props, and my cute aqua suitcases as a display for my brooches and to hold a digital picture frame showcasing my hats and other items. 

I knew it was going to be a great day when I sold a hat five minutes into the market. I also sold quite a few sets of my Valentine notes, handed out lots of cards, and even made connections with a lady that owns a local boutique and was interested in my stuff {!!!!} I can't wait for the next one on February 11th. 

If you are reading this and dealing with this storm as well {the chances of this are pretty good since it is HUGE} stay safe and stay at home if you can! 


Sarah said...

That's going to be the title of my post today also. Great minds think alike!;0)

Watkins35 said...

Your table looks fabulous! I'm so pleased it was successful (ps LOVE the squirrel in there) x

Freckles Chick said...

Ice ice baby indeed. Everything was a sheet of ice here in CO yesterday too! I can deal w/ snow, I can deal w/ rain.....but ice freaks me out to no end.

Mandy! You styled your "shop" beautifully. Everything from the suitcase to the chenille texture to your creations are so divine. There's such a whimsical charm to it all.

EVOO would have no place here....... HA! =]


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