Wednesday, March 02, 2011

{hold me}

My husband and I aren't ones for impulse spending. We tend to think, and think, and then think some more when spending our money. Which is usually a good thing, but it can lead to missed opportunities.

Having said that, I'm still a little shocked that I just purchased this...

Yeah...that's a sofa. A beautiful mid-century modern lovely piece of gorgeousness. And I bought it online, sight unseen. {with the hubby's enthusiastic support of course}

What would lead me to make such an impulsive and so un-Mandy-like decision?

It was $500. Yep. And $10.95 shipping folks.

Who would offer such an insane deal? A little site called The Foundary.

I look forward to their daily emails to see what kinds of bargains I can deliberate over before I finally decide not to buy them. But not this time. This time I pulled the trigger!

Ahhhhh! SO excited. And a little nauseous.

1 comment:

Shannon said...

Good for you! She's a beaut! I never have the guts to pull the trigger either. But for that price, I'm glad you did.


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