Thursday, September 06, 2012

{Please REVIVE our kitchen!}

Have I ever mentioned to you all how much I dislike our kitchen?

Oh yeah...that's probably because I hardly EVER TALK about our kitchen.

Not since we moved in and replaced the nasty carpet with laminate. Yes...our kitchen had CARPET.


And its current state:

This post shows the progress we've made in the room so far.

And here is a before shot looking into our dining room:

And a slightly more current one {we've since removed the brass fireplace screen}:

But other than that, we've been a total FAIL at making it a functional and fun place to be. And we're only in there, like 60% of our time.

No biggie.

Sooo when I saw that Mandi from Vintage Revivals was once again doing her Epic Room Makeover I got really, really excited...and started to daydream about a pretty new space...

Look at these sponsors! Who wouldn't wan to win this?!

Now before I go bashing our kitchen, and adjoining dining room, let me point out its endearing qualities:
  • It is a HUGE 500 square feet huge, which makes it the perfect space for tricycle races, tag, and nerf dart gun battles
  • The dining room has a brick fireplace...who doesn't want a fireplace in their dining room?!
  • The kitchen layout works has that "work triangle" thing going on.
  • I wish I had another one... but I'm all out. 
Here is a little video where I attempt to explain the space and how Mandi could work her magic on it...I think I say "ummm" about 50 times. *blush* But here it goes anyway...

So here are the things that we would love to improve about the space...
  • Add color, color, color! Paint the trim and walls!
  • Makeover the fireplace! Paint the brick, add a mantel, go crazy!
  • Hide the AC unit....pleeeeeease!
  • Makeover and fix our cabinets {or new ones? Is that even possible?!?!}
  • Pretty, pretty please replace the painted tile backsplash *batting eyelashes*
  • New sink and faucet???? Lowe's can do that, right? *batting eyelashes again*
  • Lighting! We need more of it, badly.
It would be beyond exciting to have Mandi come to our home and makeover this space. It would quite honestly change our lives and how we live in our house. It would give us a space to enjoy spending time with our family, cooking delicious meals, and sitting around the dining room table creating memories.

Will you help us win?!  


I have all of my fingers and toes crossed!!!

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still being [molly] said...

can't wait to vote!!!!

Mandi @ Vintage Revivals said...

Mandy! You are adorable!! I am IN LOVE with your fireplace, I am so glad that you entered!! Good luck my dear!

Love your guts

~julee~ said...

I voted for you! *fingers crossed*


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