Monday, October 29, 2012

{make your own phone cover}

I'm one of those people that has an Android phone, and I actually like it. :)

But is had made for a frustrating time finding a cute cover, especially on a tight budget. You can find TONS of fun iPhone covers on Etsy and other sites, but when I did a search for one on Etsy, all I found was A LOT of bling...


Not that there is anything wrong with bling. It just isn't my thing. ;)

So I decided to make my own DIY case...

It is a super simple project.

All you need is some fun patterned paper, scissors, pencil, x-acto knife, and a clear phone case.

I found mine on Amazon here.

I traced the phone case onto my paper and cut out the main shape with my scissors. Then I used the x-acto knife for the inside details. This was a bit tricky because my phone has so many different features on the back.

I ended up with two inserts for my clear case...

And here is how they look on my phone...

Can you tell I'm a nature lover? ;)

I love how easy this project was, and how simple and inexpensive it will be to change it. I also want to try one with washi tape...wouldn't that be fun?

Have you made a DIY case for your phone? If you did, what pattern would you use?

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vivaciousJD said...

Super cute and simple idea that renders beautiful results! I really like your choice in patterns, Mandy. :)

Ashley Suzanne said...

This is so awesome!!

I am coming over from a linky party and I would love for you to come over and check out my Wool Dryer Ball Tutorial!!

Have a Good Day!
Ashley Suzanne

Jessi @ Practically Functional said...

I love it! How fun and creative to make your own case, plus it was really smart to make two inserts so you can change them out when you get tired of one. :-) Stopping by from The Winthrop Chronicles!

- Jessi

Kimberly said...

Super cute! I have a clear case for my phone and love printing off pictures and cuting them down to size to fit in. I change my case on my phone all the time to go with my outfit, the season and more.

P.S. You are rubbing off on me - I bought an owl candle holder and an owl table cloth over the weekend and thought of you with both purchases! :-)


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