Friday, December 20, 2013

{holiday funk}

I has it.

And I don't mean funk as in "Play that funky music..."

I mean funk as in blues, blahs, etc.

So today I'm spreading some holiday cheer to try to pull me out of these blahs. I'm sending special friends Starbucks gift cards through Facebook...which BTW is SO easy that it is scary. 

Making a friend smile + giving them coffee = happy Mandy

And now I'm thinking about what else I can do today for others that will banish the blahs.

Ideas friends?


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Marla 11:06 AM  

I'm also in the Holiday Funk. It's not really giving to someone else, but the Rockin' Holidays station of Pandora does help improve my mood.

Why don't you go treat yourself to a cup of coffee and by the person behind you one?

kelsey 11:17 AM  

i'm with you! i can't get past the blahs... its 5 days before Christmas and i'm still feeling ehh... here's hoping we all get a little more in the spirit! hang in there

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards 10:14 PM  

You truly made my day today with Starbucks. And I'm devising all kinds of strategies to pass it on. Thank you, friend.

Alyson McMahon 11:43 AM  

You are the sweetest. I hope that you got over the funk. Thank you so, so much for the giftcard. You're the sweetest! xoxo

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