Tuesday, June 03, 2014

{let's go camping! L&B turn 6!}

Well, we pulled it off.

The boys are another year older and we have another party to add to our memories.

For their 6th birthday, I nudged them into a fun camping theme, after showing them all of the ideas I gathered on Pinterest.

This might be the last year I can get them to agree on a theme. We'll see what seven brings. :)

Of course I took this theme as my opportunity to doodle a bit for their invitation...
I reserved a shelter at our local park for the party and that was the best decision...worth every penny of the fee. The kids had a blast running around and finding treasures. Another great thing about the location was that it required minimal decoration. 

I made a camping sign on posterboard and stole the wood slice chalkboard off of their door...
A simple pennant, some balloons and my trusty aqua suitcases {plus a dollar store tablecloth} finished it off...
The real star of the table were the cupcakes my sister-in-law made...how freaking cute are these things?!
She even made two bigger versions for the boys...
The goody bags were filled with gummy worms and bears...
I used the same teepee doodle from their invitations on the stickers. 

{P.S....apparently gummy worms can ooze through paper bags. Who knew?!}

There were compass rings and magnifying glasses for the kids to explore the surrounding area for treasures. 
I had a treasure hunting sheet planned to use, but they were so busy on their own that I skipped it. I love that the kids are at an age where they can initiate their own games!

We also set up their teepee next to the shelter which the kids loved...
Sorry for the photo with my hubby's rear end...this is the only photo I managed to take of it! 

I planned on taking cute photos of the kids in front of it with my instax camera...you know, like a good blogger/crazy mom, but in all of the party craziness that never happened. 

Aside from opening their gifts and singing Happy Birthday, the party was super low-key. We ate pizza and chatted and let the kids run wild. Fun times. 

And now for lots more photos in totally random order...
This boy had his fill of people about two hours in...so much like his momma. :)
And this boy finally got his own camera. He is on cloud nine. 

We were so thankful to all of our family and friends that came to help us celebrate the boys. The past six years have included an immeasurable amount of support and love not only between us and the boys but coming from every direction around us. So grateful for that. 

Here's to year six! :)

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Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

I love this party theme so much. Your invites are fantastic! And the teepee is a great touch.


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