Thursday, June 12, 2014


I woke up an hour before the boys.

I left my phone untouched on the bedside table.

I made some iced coffee and read this book for an hour.

I woke the boys up with an enthusiastic smile and promises of an adventure.

We took Happy Meals to the park.

The boys went down slides of the bumpy and twisty variety.

We watched a semi truck dump a mountain of soft mulch next to the playground.

We inspected the mountain to see how it felt. 

We admired an allosauraus and a mastadon. 

We looked at coral and fly wings under a microscope. 

We touched a live snake.

We bought mystery books.

The boys drank ginger-ale and ate sweets.

I devoured a grilled cheese with bacon.

We found treasures we couldn't live without at Hobby Lobby.

We watched How to Train a Dragon and napped {OK...I napped}

The boys went on a ghost hunt in the grocery while I filled the cart with milk and grape jam and frozen pizza.

We played tennis in the yard, the concrete driveway between us our net. 

We threw a frisbee.

Ben practiced his yard sliding skills.

Landon filled his new treasure box with crayons.

Ben drew superheroes. 

I drank too much lemonade. {is that possible?}

I think I delivered on my adventure promise. 

I want to have more of these kinds of days. 

Evidence of the allosaurus...
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Mandy said...

awesome!!! sounds like some great adventures.

Crystal said...

Sounds like a fun, and busy!, day!


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