Wednesday, October 01, 2014

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Hey there, October!

Can you believe it friends? 

October is my favorite month of the year for many reasons. Our wedding anniversary is the 11th (11 years!) and everything fall just makes me happy. Like walking through a crunchy blanket of tiny yellow leaves. And wearing comfy sweaters. And cuddling on a chilly Saturday morning on the couch with my boys. 

I want October to be a slow month.

But the reality, just like every other month of the year, is that it isn't. While I'm so thankful for my full time job, it is always super busy in the fall with events and extra meetings and it is frustrating trying to balance that necessary busy with my need for slowness and time to savor every tiny yellow leaf and couch cuddling session. 

I'm currently reading The Best Yes, and it has showed me how even though I can't get rid of all the busyness, I can say no to things that, even though they are good, they aren't the absolute best way for me to spend my time. I said no to some custom doodles recently that was a really hard no, but the relief I felt when I didn't have those orders looming over me was beyond worth it. 

Sure, I have the literal time to do them. But I don't have the head space. I've become hyper aware that I need a lot of margin, or white space, in order to be happy, calm and available to the really good things in my life. 

Like taking my boys on a date to the coffee shop and making silly faces in the bathroom mirror...
And noticing the awesome animal train they made in the family room and not being annoyed by the mess, but instead being in awe of their creativity...
And finding joy in sorting their socks which ALL had a match...
miraculous I tell ya.

And take some time to pretty up our entryway...
I'm also super excited about some ways I'm working on my art these days. I'm working on my first line of Christmas/holiday cards (EEEK!) and taking an online class to learn about turning my doodles into repeat patterns. SUPER exited about both of these things. 

I'll be sharing more about the holiday cards soon but for now here is a fun sneak peek...

And of course if you follow me on Instagram and/or Facebook you'll get lots more updates in real time. :)

So here's to an October we can live as slow as possible!


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