Monday, October 06, 2014

{happy mail day!}

So today = one of the best mail days EVER!
I came home to a ginormous box filled with 32 sample canvases from my art licensing company, METcolors

Most of them are 8x8 inches...don't they look like a bunch of little pizza boxes all stacked up? :)

A few of them are larger like this one which is 16x24...
It has flecks of gold in the background which is so pretty.

And these three are my definite favorites...the colors and patterns turned out so perfectly...
They are all SO gorgeous and I'm so happy with the quality. They have a painting process that makes them look hand painted and it is really beautiful. 
Here are a few of the cute 8x8 sizes...
The photo quality isn't the greatest on some of these because of the dim evening lighting and my crappy camera phone, but this just couldn't wait. :) 

So if you see me in person soon you'll probably notice my feet aren't touching the ground. I'm hoping to have definite news on where you can shop for them soon too!



1 comment:

DianeTaylor said...

WOOHOO!! Can't wait! I have several spots in my shabby and boring cubicle that would love one of thse canvases. I cannot imagine how much fun that must have been to unwrap each one.


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