Friday, May 01, 2015

{process of a pattern}

Hello friends and happy Friday!

I've been busy making new patterns which has me all sorts of excited, and I thought it would be fun today to give you a peek at my process for creating a pattern. 

My pattern-making confidence was given a big boost when my owl greetings design won one of the editor's choice prizes over on Minted. It will be available soon for sale as fabric! I'll also have fabric for sale soon over on Spoonflower <<< click that link to see the patterns I've added so far. 

I just feel like someone should pinch me..this is my dream and SO darn fun to see it becoming a reality. 

But back to my process. I'm always finding inspiration in nature, and last week seed pods caught my attention. So first I saved a bunch of pretty pods over on Pinterest.

Then I used those as inspiration for a bunch of pod doodles.

And last night I started turning them into a pattern...the most fun part! I scan the original, save the individual motifs in photoshop, and then create the pattern in Illustrator. Thank goodness for Jessica Swift's Pattern class I've taken to teach me practical and highly useful design skills. 

I'm still playing around with colorways but I'm kind of liking this one. No turquoise or yellow in sight...I'm trying to move away from my favorites. 

Here is another pattern I recently finished that is available in my Society6 shop on a bunch of fun products including mugs, tote bags, pillows and even a shower curtain and duvet cover. I'm also going to have it available on Spoonflower as fabric...

So that's the process! I am having way too much fun with this and am beyond excited to have fabrics available for purchase soon!


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Mandy said...

so exciting! loving your designs! keep up the great work. ;)


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