Thursday, May 21, 2015

{who are you inviting?}

Hello friend,

Today I want to chat a bit with you about company. You know...the people we spend our time with.

I've been reading lots of inspirational books and articles since I started drawing again, and many of the authors talk about surrounding yourself with people that encourage and inspire you. And while that might sound cheesy and cliche, it is SO darn important. 

Last night I picked up the book The Crossroads of Should and Must and read almost the entire thing in one sitting. It is THAT good. Not only is the content wonderful, but the presentation is beautiful. Lots of hand painted images and quotes. This is one that particularly stuck out to me...

The book inspired my doodle up there and this question...

"Where are you going and who are you inviting?"

This is a super important question.

The people you invite into your life have a direct correlation to where you end up going. Of course we are never sure of our destination, but if we want it to be somewhere happy and positive, darn it if we don't need happy and positive people around to help make it happen. 

Say you love writing and started a blog. And you ask your childhood best friend to give it a read and let you know what she thinks. And even though you've been friends with her since you were in diapers, this friend has no appreciation for the value of good writing and her feedback is less than encouraging.

Time to stop sharing your writing with her.

I'm not saying you need to dump the friendship, but you must find another friend that appreciates 

your talent and values your goals. Someone who will encourage you, offer constructive criticism, and ask you from time to time, "Hey! How is your writing coming along?"

If you have a calling you are working on, you HAVE to surround yourself with people that see value in it. You just have to. 

Do you have good company in your life? Write down the names of your friends and family that encourage your calling, and when you need to share something, go to them and only them.

They will help you get to whatever destination you are meant to reach.


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