Monday, August 22, 2016


I don't really know how to put into words how happy I was today. 

There is something about fall-like weather that brings me to an entirely different level of existence. I think if you are a fellow fall fan, you totally know what I mean, right? 

There is a fall-happy that doesn't match any other level of happiness in the world. 

I found myself at my computer this morning, feeling the 60 degree breeze blowing in the back door, sipping my coffee while working on a fall illustration and searching Pinterest for anything and everything autumn. 

Pure bliss.

I rounded up a box full of acorns in our yard and bought apple cider donuts at the orchard. I planted a mum. I'm seriously ready for fall. 

And today made me SO giddy about being able to enjoy this autumn season while I'm on sabbatical. It is a huge gift that I'm not taking for granted. This slower pace of life during this particular season is such a blessing. 

This was the view from the parking lot at the orchard today. Clear blue Indiana skies sitting atop bright green corn fields are one of my favorite things. 

I want to stuff everything about today into a jar so I can savor little bits of it whenever I need a boost. 

And not that today needed any help in the sunshine department, but here is 99/100 of #100daysofyourtruth...

Holy cow I'm one illustration away from finishing this project!

What will I draw for #100? Stay tuned friends! 
(teaser...I have absolutely no idea!)


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