Thursday, August 18, 2016

{have no purpose - on purpose}

So this sabbatical thing is a crazy ride.

On one hand (OK both hands really) I am super thankful for it. This time to be home, to pick my boys up from school every day, read a whole book in a day if I want to (who's life is this?!), listen to podcasts for two hours straight. Heaven!

And I am loving it. And also feeling annoyingly guilty about it.

My inner narrative is going something like this:

" is nearly 10 am and all you have done is read, listened to a few podcasts, and eaten breakfast. Surely you can be more productive! Clean up the kitchen! The rug needs vacuumed! And remember that leak in the basement? Surely you need to do something down there. And oh need a shower." 

And yes, I can't completely abandon my adult responsibilities. (bummer) But who says that a day can't be spent reading? Other than my inner voice, who apparently has a bit of a tough time relaxing.

I'm curious if you are able to do this when you have the free time. Because all I've wanted to do for a whole week is read, absorb inspiration from as many places as possible, stay home in my comfies, and shower of course (only because I can't handle being stinky).

Reading Present over Perfect has made me think about this even more. Shauna says in the chapter Learning to Play, "Have no purpose - on purpose." But that is so hard, isn't it? To decide that for an hour or even 10 minutes you aren't going to put pressure on yourself to perform a task or create an outcome.

Here's another quote from that chapter:

"What would our lives be like if our days were studded by tiny, completely unproductive, silly, nonstrategic, wild and beautiful five-minute breaks, reminders that our days are for loving and learning and laughing, not for pushing and planning, reminders that it's all about the heart, not the hustle?"

I've never been a big fan of the word "hustle" and even more so now in this season of my life. Certainly there are times to work hard to achieve our dreams, but right now I'm content with filling a few hours with nothing but a good book.

Are you able to work in times of no purpose - on purpose into your life? I'd love to chat more about it with you!


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