Sunday, August 14, 2016

{Present over Perfect}

One of my birthday gifts from Dan was Shauna Niequist's newest book, Present over Perfect.

I've been anxious to read it since she announced she would be writing it, because Shauna's writing hits me in so many perfect places. She is honest and raw and just all around wonderful with her story-telling. 

And boy did it meet and surpass my expectations...I read it in three sittings and this morning I was so sad I was finished with it that I re-read lots of my favorite parts. 

I do want to share a book review at some point, but for now, her words have inspired my last three illustrations for #100daysofyourtruth (I'm at #92 now!)... 

I'm working on adding color to them today. Hope you're having a great weekend friends!


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