Monday, May 28, 2007


Well, the update on my Grandma isn't good. She took a trip to the hospital Saturday night and they did all sorts of tests. What we thought was possibly a blockage in her intestines turned out to be cancer. It is all over and the doctor said she has about 4 weeks. I feel pretty numb about it right feels like my Grandpa all over again. I know that she is 93 and most people don't live to be that age, but it doesn't matter to me. The good thing is that she doesn't know and she is obliviously happy and content now at the nursing home. There really is no reason to tell her and her memory is really starting to go so she probably wouldn't remember. We went to visit her yesterday and she was in good spirits, although she seemed very tired from her late night at the hospital. We watched TV with her for awhile and I tried to take in every second. For all of the grief and stress she caused my Mom and Dad over the years, it is a blessing that she is so calm and easy going in her last few weeks. We really don't think she will be around for 4 more weeks because of her age and the fact that she isn't eating at all. I'm going to visit her again on Tuesday and I'm going to get in as many visits as I can before she passes on. I know she will be happy to be with Grandpa again and whatever pain she has been hiding her whole life will finally be a distant memory. Thanks to everyone who said a prayer for her...I truly appreciate it!


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Valerie said...

I'm sorry Mandy!! Sending you a big hug!!


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