Monday, May 21, 2007

{creative release}

It was a nice, relaxing weekend at the Ford house. A lot of sleeping was done, as well as scrapbooking (me), and poker playing (Dan). I feel like the house is really coming together as of late and it makes me smile.

Here are a couple pics of the house...newly rearranged living room, new dining set and freshly installed kitchen lighting. The dining table and bookshelf behind the couch belonged to my Grandparents so they are pretty special. We are so excited to finally be doing some of the changes to the kitchen. We are planning a total overhaul for this year...cabinets, floor, countertop, new paint, sink, faucet...everything!

I definitely felt the creativity flowing from me this weekend. I got quite a bit of scrapbooking done...6 pages! It felt so good to get out all of my supplies and go crazy. Here are a few of them that I managed to scan...its such a pain stitching the pages together, don't you agree fellow scrappers? Hope everyone is having a great Monday!


Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

Fabulous layouts. Love the one of your house.
And I am loving that lime green in the kitchen!

Kim said...

I love your kitchen. It's so "homey". I love that green! I can't wait to "dig" back into my scrapbooking. It's all in boxes right now so we can paint my room and having the cabinets & countertop installed. Your pages look awesome.

melissa said...

wow I LOVE your kitchen and dining area :) the white cabinets and table against the great color on the walls is fab!

your scrapbooking mojo was definitely flowing girl. really love the 'red hot' layout. so fun

Nesting For Natalie said...

It looks beautiful! I like the dining room light fixture! And you are really good at the artsy stuff! Very inspiring.



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