Friday, February 15, 2008

{prayers needed}

My Mom's dad is in the hospital with a collapsed lung...what a way to spend your Valentine's Day, huh? :( He also has alzheimers, so it is really hard for him to be in a different environment than his home. I'd appreciate any prayers you could send his way and for my Grandmother, who has been dealing with the stress and sadness of taking care of him as his disease has been progressing. It is so hard to see a family member like this, especially when I don't live close enough to visit them. The past two years have been hard with the loss of both of my Dad's parents, so this is hitting me even harder because I don't want to lose another grandparent so soon.

On a happy note, I'm 23 1/2 weeks along now. Dan took a pic of me last night and thanks to our janky camera it is blurry, but you can still see my belly nonetheless. See my outie?!? It is hard to cover up that sucker! LOL :)

We had a really nice Valentine's Day yesterday. Dan surprised me when I got home by making me Giada's ricotta and chocolate-hazelnut calzones...OMG they are sooo goood!!!! He is such a sweetie. :) We went out to dinner at Ruby Tuesday's. It was pretty much the only place that didn't have a huge wait and wasn't Bob Evans. LOL :)

I'm definitely ready for the weekend. Getting my hair cut tomorrow and have a bunch of cleaning/organizing to do around the house. Hopefully my energy will last me long enough to get it all done!

Have a great weekend everyone!


Lisa said...

You are looking good despite the blurry photo, lovely baby bump!

Lori said...

Many prayers for you and your family!!

Too cute photo with that belly!!!

Have a great weekend!

scrapperjen said...

You look fabulous!
Sending prayers and good thoughts to your family.
Have a good weekend!


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