Friday, February 22, 2008

{turn that frown upside down}

So I was feeling down this morning...didn't want to come into work in all of the yucky snow and ice that we have. Just wanted to go back to bed. I was sitting here at my desk feeling sorry for myself when I started to feel the babies move...a lot. So I looked down at my belly hoping I would see it move. Oh my gosh did I see it move!! They are all over the place in there! This was the first time that I saw my belly move like that and now I have the biggest smile on my face. I think they are having a little dance party in there (or playing a game of tag football :) You always hear everyone say what a miracle pregnancy is, but experiencing it for myself I have to say that it is the most miraculous, amazing thing I know that I will ever get to be a part of.

I found this image on Etsy the other day and just love its my avatar on several websites :)

We still haven't decided on bedding or furniture yet...I think we are both waiting for our next ultrasound to get some more confirmation on the sex. I think we both still have this feeling that one of them could be a girl...not sure why.

Once again I'm so glad it is Friday. We are supposed to get some more nasty weather today/tonight, so I'm looking forward to staying inside where it is warm tomorrow! Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Isn't that so AMAZING?!!! I can't imagine two doing the tango in there. I do miss that feeling sometimes, and strangely it's one of the few feelings in life that I will never forget.

melissa said...

oh my goodness, they?! you are having twins! wow congrats! (I know where have I been right ;) )

love that avatar-made me smile

and your kitchen looks amazing, I LOVE it

Ann(i)e Hafermann said...

really love that pic!!!
hope you get good weather!


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