Wednesday, October 15, 2008

{lunch hour}

I've become quite the multi-tasker on my lunch breaks lately. Mostly because there isn't much, if any, time in the evenings to run errands. Today was an exceptional example of how much one person can accomplish in an hour.

Stopped at CVS for pampers, shower soap and York peppermint patties (can you guess which one was the necessity?)
Got home.
grabbed up Landon for some cuddling.
Threw a Lean Cuisine in the microwave.
Played with Landon some more.
Ate my mexican fish and rice something or other.
Picked up Ben for equal cuddle time.
Felt a warm sensation on my leg
Realized it was pee.
Changed Ben's outfit and diaper.
Ran upstairs and changed my pants.
Kissed both boys goodbye and left them in the capable hands of their Aunt Beth.
Ran to Walgreens to pick up a huge order of adorable baby photos.
Stopped at Starbucks for a smoothie.



half of vamh said...

You lost me at "Ate my mexican fish and rice something or other"


Kim & Ryan said...

whoa... that is impressive.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Are you sure your name isn't Super Woman instead of Mandy? lol =)


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