Tuesday, October 28, 2008

{where do I start}

In my quest to create my Christmas wish list, and in my daily blog perusing, I've come across a ton of great new shops and etsy items that I'm dying to purchase (or receive..hehe). Most years I struggle to think of things to put on my Christmas list, but this year I'm having a hard time narrowing it down. Having newborn twins really puts a halt to fun, personal shopping!

Some shops I have just discovered:

{Art School Drop-out has adorable and affordable goodies like this cute owl plaque}

Sold out unfortunately *sniff*

{Urban Outfitters and Fred Flare always have cute stuff...these things are on my wish list}

{giant noveau printed rug}

I don't know where I'd put this rug but it is gorgeous!

Same goes with this chair, but isn't the color just lovely?

{melina club chair}

{trompe l'oeil cuckoo clock}

{hemline stationery set}

I have added SO many Etsy shops to my favorites list lately. Here are a few highlights...

{Pretty Raccoon has gorgeous hand painted scarves}

{Revisions has these adorable porcelain egg tealights complete with a tiny bird}

{Olive has the sweetest pillows and home decor items}

My fave has already sold *double sniff*

{strawberry cupcake has some cute original art}

And one last store...

{the pleated poppy has adorable handmade items like this apron}

OK, enough dreaming for one afternoon. :)


half of vamh said...

Cute stuff! I love the scarf (of course!) and the home sweet home pillow, too cute! I hope you are a lucky recipient of at least one of these things on Christmas!

dolf said...

check out www.northcoastimports.com for a new design of cuckoo clock.

Anonymous said...

love that rug too, it is fun.

'designing your life'


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