Monday, October 06, 2008

{perfect fall weekend}

Saturday was one of those fall days out of your "perfect day" file. The weather was gorgeous...high 60's and sunny. My mother-in-law and I took the boys to their first 4th Street Fair, which is an institution here in our small town. It is a fall fair with all sorts of great vendors and food.

The day started with the boys trying on some of their new fall clothes.

Ben in his adorable owl shirt.

And Landon in his bad-ass "my aunt rocks" shirt. Thanks Aunt Carrie!

Then we were out to the fair. We had only been there a few minutes when I found my first treasures of the day. A milk glass cake stand marked $5. GASP. $5?! I'll take it!! I also found a milk glass vase and a precious aqua glass vase...all of that for $10!

Not a few minutes later I came upon a perfect find. Two adorable owls for the boys' nursery. $1 each. Super score again! Here's Grandma and Ben with the pretty pumpkins.

And here's Landon with the pumpkins...he wasn't as excited about them.

Mother-in-law bought a beautiful hand carved wooden giraffe for her mother-in-law and a green pottery vase for her sister. We came across a stand with pumpkins so of course I had to buy two little ones for the boys. $1 each. My total spending is up to $14 so far for all of those goodies.

After all of that bargain hunting the boys needed lunch. We took a break for a couple bottles and posed for a picture.

My final finds of the day were another milk glass vase and another adorable owl figurine for the nursery. $4 for both pieces.

Here's a pic of all my loot...all of this for $18! (cutie patootie pumpkins MIA)

Then on Sunday I took on a little organization project. Pretty much all I have time for these days. I cleaned out our medicine cabinet and used a few milk glass cups to hold the little things like tweezers and lip gloss. It makes me happy to open the door and see everything all tidy now.

Hope everyone had an equally fantastic weekend

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angiesparkles said...

Good finds, Mandy! I soooo miss the fourth street fair :) It's fun that we will soon have the same wedding anniversary! All of your wedding-related things were beautiful!


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