Wednesday, October 29, 2008

{Happy Halloween!}

Happy Halloween Friends!!

I've always loved fall and Halloween but this year it is so much more fun since I'm a mom. I can't wait until next year when the boys are walking and starting to talk a little. Should be a blast! We're not doing actual costumes this year, but I did get the boys some cute Halloween themed outfits.

Landon is wearing a cute Carter's set, and Ben is wearing this shirt with cute grey and black striped pants:

The mother-in-law bought the boys some cute ski caps that match their outfits perfectly so they'll wear those to keep the chill off, although it is supposed to be in the high 60's tonight...perfect!

The family is coming over tonight to order pizza, hand out candy, hang out on the porch and have fun with the boys. I can't wait!

Yesterday the boys hit the 5 month mark! Unbelievable! They are changing so much and really turning into little men.

On a personal note...

I'm in desperate need for some new fall/winter work clothes. Having twins wreaked havoc on my poor belly. Although it looks amazingly good for 5 months post partum, most of my pre-preg work clothes are too tight, and I'm getting tired of wearing my maternity stuff.

I really want a few neutral skirts and a pair of black dress pants, plus some drapey tops to cover my post baby bump.

These skirts from Forever21 are gorgeous and perfect (well they look gorgeous and perfect in the photos)...if only we had one close by so I could try them on.

And these sweaters would be great with a long sleeve tee underneath. I'm loving the short sleeved sweater with a long sleeved tee look right now.

This first one would look cute with a belt, but I haven't gotten into that trend yet. Takes me awhile to warm up to new things and not feel like I'm standing out too much. :)

And this one has super cute pockets on the front...hard to see them on the black.

I was able to purchase something I've been wanting for winter at Kohl's last night...a pair of grey rib-knit tights. Love them!

Oh, and fast forwarding to Christmas for a second. Mother-in-law is making the boys' Christmas stockings!!! I'm so excited...she is going to crochet them! I bought the yarn last night. I think she's going to use a granny squares pattern. Can't wait to see them in progress!!!

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