Monday, February 16, 2009


I was revamping the look of the blog a little, and noticed that my settings only allowed posts from google subscribers. Soo....that is now changed and anyone should be able to post. Maybe that will bring out a few lurkers? :)


D'Rae said...

The Goodwill's that I check out:

96th Street - It is located in the area of the Sam's Club.

Fishers - The one on 37

Noblesville - The one in Noblesville

I have also visited the Carmel & Westfield ones.

My favorites are the Fishers & Noblesville ones.

Anonymous said...

Ditto to what D'Rae said! I also use to find a lot of good stuff at the Carmel one located at Carmel Drive & Keystone, but I haven't made it over that way in a few months since switching jobs. I'm now a huge fan of Value World at 54th & Keystone. It isn't as nice as the Goodwills, but they always have great vintage scarves and jewelry.


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