Tuesday, February 03, 2009

{*that* mom}

Before I had children, I always thought it was strange when mothers would say how they were sad that their babies were growing, and missed when they were infants. I always thought "I would never be THAT mom." Well, let me just say that I'm now a member of the "that mom" club.

The boys turned 8 months this past Friday, and for some reason 8 months sounds SO much older than 7 months. SO much closer to their first birthday. I'm excited about them becoming more independent, but sad that they will never be those cuddly little babies again. It is such a strange mix of emotions. Look how cute they are getting...I just can't stand it! :)

They are doing new things at such a quick rate and it is hard to keep up with it all. Landon is starting to blabber a lot and says "dada" and "mama" although I don't think he really knows what they mean yet. Ben is finally eating from a spoon like a champ, and he is such a ham. Whenever you get the camera out he stops what he's doing and smiles for you.

One big milestone is that Landon graduated from his infant car seat over the weekend. This one really got to me. He looks like such a big boy in it! And so proud of himself.

They are both sitting up pretty well also, Landon a little bit better than Ben. We think Landon's big booty helps with that. And look at his big belly!

And as much as I say I don't want them to grow up too fast, I'm already super excited about their 1st birthday party. I've already picked out a theme and I've been researching decorations and invitations. I've decided on a circus theme and there are so many cute ideas out there!

I found this link and LOVE everything about this party. SO cute!

We have a great local park so I think we'll have it there in one of the shelters. Some ideas I have for the decor:

I have to have this!

And these cups are too cute!

These would make really cute favors.

And popcorn on each table in these.

Can you tell I'm just a little excited?!


jannypie said...

just look at those big blue eyes mandy--- gorgeous!!! you've got some beautiful, *big* boys!

Kim said...

Hard to believe they are growing so fast. They are so cute. I love the idea of a circus theme. Keep your eye on Target Dollar Spot--I've seen those popcorn containers there alot.

Ms. Tee said...

They are so adorable. :) Your circus them idea is so cute. And I love those 1st year birthday crowns. Hope you post photos!


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