Friday, May 22, 2009

{the fashion show}

Is anyone else out there watching The Fashion Show on Bravo? I have been a hard core Project Runway fan, and when I heard about this, which is a blatant copy of PR IMO, I thought I had to check it out. The first few episodes didn't really draw me in...of course I fell asleep and missed the last 10 minutes of the 1st one. But after watching three episodes I must say I'm sufficiently hooked. It will definitely fulfill my reality fashion TV fix until the real thing is back on the air in August! So excited about that!

Anyway...I'm pretty annoyed that Anna lost last night...and last week. She has gotten jipped the past two weeks for sure. Her coat last night was awesome...I would definitely wear it. I loved the tween she chose and the shape was beautiful. I can see how they weren't wowed by her "surprise" element, but I think she made the best choice by making a gorgeous coat instead of what she called a "go go gadget coat".

{Stupid Bravo website won't let me copy the I'll have to use links instead. Grrr...}

{double grrr...just noticed that these links take you to the beginning of the slide show, so you'll have to scroll through the designs to see them}

Anna's Coat

While Andrew's winning coat was well made and I thought it was attractive, I didn't like how poufy it was when it was rolled ladies don't need any extra junk in the trunk, am I right??

Andrew's winning coat

I thought it was awesomely funny how Isaac and Norma totally put Daniella in her place though. I'm not a fan of her at all. We'll put her in the Kinley category (she was on last season of PR if you don't recall.)

And Reco...well...he may be talented, but that boy needs to shut up. Seriously. He has enough confidence (or should I say cockiness) for all of the designers with some to spare, and I thought it was fitting that he didn't win. Although I think it sucks the way they have the judging set up. The best design should be able to win, period. I wonder if they are going to make them stay in those teams the entire season? Kind of lame.

Can you believe the judges would have picked his as the best look though? Who would wear this?!

Reco's design

And is anyone else a little shocked at how few of the designers don't know basic sewing skills? How did they even get chosen for the show? I'm starting to think on these shows that they make decisions based on what will get good ratings, and not what is the best decision regarding the competition. But will I still watch...of course!

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