Thursday, May 21, 2009

{stay happy}

I'm thankful for a new day today. Yesterday was a rough one for me emotionally, but thanks to the wonderful support of friends I feel much better today. I found these in our front yard this morning and decided to bring them to work to remind me to stay happy. The cute vase was a gift from a dear friend a few years ago...

I was having a super pity party for myself yesterday. Feeling down about my body and struggling with those extra baby pounds. I feel a lot more optimistic today, and am taking steps, no matter how small, to feel better about myself.

1. I'm switching to 2% milk in my coffee instead of fat free creamer. Sure, it has some fat in it, but it is natural and has to be healthier.

2. Making sure I get some exercise in every day. Last night I took the boys for a walk, which in our new hilly neighborhood is quite the workout. I also did 50 crunches and leg lifts to help tone my tummy. My dear friend Dawn is sending me her 30 Day Shred video...I'm kind of scared of it, but I know I can do it! And our Direct TV has a fitness channel, so I'm going to DVR some workouts so I can do them when I have time.

3. Keeping track of what I eat and not allowing myself to over-indulge. I'm quite the stress eater, but I'm trying to change the way I think about food. No more late night snacking binges.

These are the steps I'm trying to take right now and hopefully they will help me feel better mentally and physically.

Do you have any tips to share on how you work on your mental and physical health? I would love to hear them!


Sylvia said...

For mental health... make a list on your mirror in your favorite lip color of all the things you LOVE about your physical, mental, emotional self, and leave it there for at least a week. Look at it everyday and smile because while we all have things we would change about ourselves... There HAVE to be things we love about ourselves! Keep looking up!

One Pork Chop said...

These are all great things, Mandy! I'm glad you're feeling better today! :hug

Dawn said...

So glad you are feeling better today! You are beautiful and strong - inside and out.

The DVD is enroute to you as I type.


Katrina said...

Way to go! You will love the 30-day shred. I'm currently on Day's tough, but gets easier.

I've got myself on a plan now too. These adorable little munchkins come and suck the life out of us! LOL

DianeTaylor said...

Hi Mandy - I am currently doing 30DS (I've been doing it religiously since January) and let me tell you - it's a quick workout that will get you RESULTS. None of my summer pants fit me this year, I've lost almost 18 pounds and feel so good when I look in the mirror. Definitely try it and see what you think. I guarantee you will feel sore after your first workout! Good luck!

Mandy said...

Wow Diane! That is awesome!! I can't wait to get started with it! :)


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