Thursday, August 27, 2009

{and the winner is...}

The samples I ordered from Lumber Liquidators came yesterday and much to our surprise they looked nothing like the online photos.

The darkest of the bamboo samples was super dark. Pretty...but just wouldn't flow with the flooring we have in the rest of the house.

The oak sample was OK, but the planks are really skinny and we want something more substantial.

It ended up being a choice between the two lighter bamboo samples and we ultimately chose the darker one. It is an almost exact match to our current wood floors so the transition from our front room into the new flooring will be almost seamless. I like that it is bamboo because I feel like I'm being a bit environmentally conscious as well.

Here are the photos I took last night (please ignore the scratches on the sample - the hubs was testing out how easy each one was to scratch with his keys LOL :)

It blends in perfectly with our current wood floors...

Oh how I can't wait to get rid of this awful carpet!!!

And here it is compared to the stairs. We are going to put it down in our entryway as well, so we wanted something that was complimentary to the stair color, which is darker than the other floors.

Off to call the contractor, get this stuff ordered and pick an installation date!!! Eeeeee!


The Walters Crew said...

Looks awesome! I'm so jealous! We would love to rip out our carpet in our living room and put down wood or tile. Two large dogs and carpet just don't mix! Hopefully some day! :)

One Pork Chop said...

Yay! I'm still holding out hope that Genevieve will come to your rescue. However, the flooring is absolutely beautiful and matches your other floors perfectly - it's as though they're the same!


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