Tuesday, January 19, 2010

{long weekend}

It was a three day weekend for me (woohoo!) and boy was it a good one!

Saturday I was honored to be invited to my friend Erin's baby shower, AND get to see her house, which is literally my dream home. I'm still drooling over her kitchen. Here we are in front of her newly finished fireplace - she and her husband refurbished an antique mantel and it is just beautiful.

Mandy and Erin by you.

She is such sweet and caring person, and is going to be such a wonderful mother. Check out her blog if you haven't before...it is lovely and she has quite a way with words. She never fails to inspire me.

On Sunday, we enjoyed a lazy day at home with the boys, and a nice family dinner with Dan's mom, sister and my favorite little man...

Its a rough life! by you.
(chilling in one of the boys' beanbag chairs...so cute!)

Since I had work off yesterday, and we have the nice gas-saving Prius, we decided to take another trip out of town to one of our favorite shopping areas. We hadn't been there since before I was pregnant, so it was fun to head back to one of our old haunts.

I snapped this pic of Benny and I before we left...his new sweater is one of my favorites...

Momma and Benny by you.

Nothing too special about this trip...just a nice mall, our favorite chinese from the food court, a Target trip that produced some awesome deals...

Target deals by you.

(All this for $19! - the hoodies were $1.75 each! And we snagged a matching shawl collar sweater for Landon for just $3.24.)

And the best part of the day for the boys was letting them run free (well, free but very well guarded) in DSW. I had no idea how entertaining those little shoe-trying-on-benches could be! The mirrors on the side are perfect for toddlers. :)

The boys behaved so well and we felt like "us" again, after vising our favorite shopping spots that we had missed.

When we got home, the boys continued to entertain us...

I know I say this a lot, but boy is this a fun age!

Hope everyone had an equally great weekend!

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