Monday, January 04, 2010

{new everything!}

Happy New Year friends!

I know, I'm a little late with that, but being at home all day with the boys keeps a woman busy! I hope everyone had a fun-filled and safe New Year. Ours was really nice and low-key. We stayed home, had Dan's mom and sister over, ate yummy steaks and parmesan-garlic mashed potatoes for dinner, watched The Hangover (freaking hilarious!) and actually made it to midnight without falling asleep. Here we are after midnight - I think we look ready for bed, huh?

Happy New Year! by you.

Even Noah made it to midnight - actually I think he fell asleep but he was still hanging with the grown-ups. Here he is with his momma...

Momma and Noah by you.

And his Uncle Dan...

The best New Year's Date by you.

I actually had more of an eventful day the day before New Year's Eve! First of all, I finally go to meet up with my friend Erin of Rare and Beautiful Treasures. We've chatted online for quite awhile now and finally found the time to meet in person for lunch. She is such a sweetheart and getting ready for her first baby boy - due in March! So of course we chatted a lot about baby stuff. Can't wait to see you soon at your shower girl!

Lunch with Erin by you.

Then when I got back from that adventure, Dan and I went to our local Toyota dealership and traded our gas-guzzling but very twin-friendly Pacifica in for a Prius! I must admit that I was, and still am, a bit scared about this change. We bought the Pacifica when the boys were 1 month old, so I had a lot of great memories of trips with them in that car. I'm just a tad sentimental. But, with our lower income these days, we need to save money anywhere we can, and the Prius gets on average 50 mpg, compared to the awful 15 mpg we got with the Pacifica.

I must admit that it is kind of fun to drive - so high tech! You push a button to start the thing, and there is a screen that shows you the electric/gas usage and your current mpg. Pretty cool. I got to drive it alone to work this morning so that was fun. And see my cute new gloves? :)

Prius! by you.

Oh, and it is MUCH easier to get in and out of our tiny garage - another bonus!

Took a trip to Target on Saturday and got the aforementioned gloves and a super soft scarf to match. I was in desperate need of new gloves and these were on clearance so I didn't feel bad about buying them. :)

Also got to spend more time with Noah over the weekend too. He is so cuddly!!

Love from Auntie Mandy by you.

And look at that smile!

Happy Noah by you.

Back to work for me today. I missed getting to sleep in and get up with the boys. I'm sure they are having a blast with their daddy though. Happy Monday!


kari said...

Lurker here. We just switched to a prius from a SUV in August and we love it. They really are awesome cars.

Angela said...

love the new gloves and of course the new car! And Noah is a doll.

DianeTaylor said...

Happy New Year, Mandy - may 2010 be filled with only good things for you, Dan and those handsome boys. We watched the Hangover on New Year's Eve too - was a funny movie! Luckily we didn't wake up with one.


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