Thursday, January 21, 2010

{squirrel love}

It is no secret that I love squirrels.

I love their bushy tails, their chubby cheeks, the way they chase each other up trees. I think you either love squirrels or hate them, and I'm definitely in the love camp.

And today is National Squirrel Appreciation Day!

So grab a salty snack, head outside, and find a squirrel to spoil! (from personal experience I know that they looove french fries). And maybe even pick yourself up a little something from lovesquirrels - in honor of my favorite furry critters.


Beth@ Southern Living Naturally said...

Ahhh hahahaha those squirrelly massages are hilarious!

Sorry but I am having a tough time appreciating those little bandits. :giggle

DianeTaylor said...

Mandy - check out this website for squirrel lovers (I have a friend here at work who is obsessed with them and feeds them every weekend at a local park!).

Have a great weekend!


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