Thursday, May 19, 2011

{baby fever}

No, I don't have it.

Just to set the record straight from the start.

But on Tuesday I was surrounded by more babies and pregnant woman than I have ever been in my life. Our local hospital held its first ever baby fair and I was lucky enough to have a booth space to sell my knitted hats, hair clips, button blooms and {new!} headbands. Here are a few {grainy} shots of my booth. I had SO much fun decorating it!

I made the fun banner with scrapbook paper, hand-cut letters and yarn. Super simple. And I got A LOT of questions about my shop name. {giggle}Its simple people. I love squirrels! :)

My trusty aqua suitcases added a pop of color and height to my display. The digital picture frame was a great way to showcase my hats in action. And of course my spray-painted squirrel book-end was the perfect finishing touch {and a great prop for the frame!} See the headbands?! The ones that didn't go home with moms-to-be will be in the shop soon!

I loved this little vignette in the center of the table with the metal basket and frame to showcase one of my favorite fluffy pom pom caps. I used little wooden clothes pins to hang some hair pins on the basket. Some of my milk glass vases stood in as perfect little hat models.

And of course I couldn't forget all of the moms, so I did a special display for my button blooms. I had picked this chalkboard frame up recently at Big Lots and it was the perfect way to showcase them. I also tacked a few of them to the table cloth {my Dad's chenille crib blanket :) } with more of the mini clothes pins.

 I haven't done very many craft fairs, but this one was by far the best in terms of profit and exposure. I handed out tons of business cards {ran out after the first two hours!} and received so many sweet comments about my items. It was a lovely day and I think the ego boost will last me for months. :)

P.S. My shop will be in vacation mode for a little bit while I recover from the fair, plan and celebrate my boys' 3rd birthday {!!!} which is coming up VERY soon, and catch up on my Brave Girl's Club Soul Restoration Workshop. So stay tuned for new items!


Kelly said...

Sounds like a great day, Mandy! I am positive all your hard work will pay off...your goodies are so cute!

Kim @ Everything Etsy said...

How awesome! It seems like that was a great spot to have a know they all want what you have already!!! Your display was beautiful and I am so jealous of your suitcases...I might need to search Etsy for some right now!


Mandy said...

Thanks for your sweet comments Kim! I actually got the aqua suitcases at Hobby Lobby years ago. They have spent time in my craft room, my boys' nursery, and now are on display in the dining room (when they aren't being used to show off my Etsy stuff :)

Mandy said...

Thanks so much Kelly! :)


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