Wednesday, May 04, 2011

{on being a mother...}

My son spelled the word "Pizza" yesterday. Spelled it. Out of nowhere.*

My other son can spell his name. B....E.....N!

They will be three in less than a month. And they can spell. {insert jaw drop here}

They both say " thank you!" whenever we ask them if they want something to eat. They say that a lot these days to almost any food. {excluded are of course fruit snacks and goldfish crackers}

I am in awe of the people they are becoming.

When they see me cry, they ask me if I'm sad and give me a hug. And yes, they have seen me cry. They did today as a matter of fact. It wasn't pretty.

Motherhood is hard, y'all. Life is hard. Being an adult, working full time, owning a home, being a wife, being a sister, being a friend. It is all hard. The motherhood thing just compounds it by like 1,000,000. Every decision made takes on a whole new meaning.

But the rewards...

The words spelled. The hugs given. The fruit snacks devoured.

They cancel out so many of those tears. And they make me want to be a better person. I thought I had it all together before those boys entered my life. Turns out I have a lot to learn about patience, about love, about myself. I'm working on it...just like we all are. We're in this together.

Hope all of my mommy friends have a wonderful Mother's Day this weekend!

*Just in case you think I'm fibbing... :)

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Sarah said...

cutie pies;0)


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